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What is 13Sharks?

The world is hungry for content, and if you want your brand to be heard above the noise, yours better be intelligent, arresting, and consistent in its messaging.

The long held divisions between stills and video are gone. Both mediums serve their purpose, and moving image is now more important than ever.

Borne of a mutual desire to streamline the creative process, 13 Sharks is formed of a tight-knit family of multi-disciplinary artists, creators, and technicians who recognize that the ever increasing need for novel and engaging content is not best served through traditional channels.

Fostering a novel approach for this new era, based on efficiency, flexibility, transparency, and above all collaboration, 13Sharks is able to provide creative solutions tailored to your continually evolving visual needs.


Paul Barshon

Paul Barshon is first and foremost a family man, married with a beautiful wife, an amazing son and a little kitty cat. He can’t sit still, ever. Paul has always wanted to travel and feels compelled to be outside at one with nature - roaming. Pauls adventure started down-under in Australia where he was born but the traveling spirit drove him to London. Initially it was only meant to be a 6 months stint, but after meeting his wife he stayed for 13 years before moving to Los Angeles in 2012. Paul has been a creative his whole life, shooting, writing ideas and he loves being behind the camera. Breaking with tradition and bringing together a collaboration of raw talent, Paul’s next big move was to launch 13Sharks. Having worked with the cream of the advertising world, bringing them together for projects done on their terms has become a driving passion for Paul. That, and his BBQ - Paul loves a good BBQ.

Associate Creatives

Eric Zimmerman


Tamara Maloney


Joe Picciolo


Jeff Wight


John Pingry


Jules Brightwell


Jay Brida

Creative Director/Copywriter
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